Mobile Applicaions

Android Applicaions

Mobile Applicaions

Android Applications

Caramel IT Services is a leading android development company that renders qualitative android applications development solutions to organizations across the world. We have android apps development ensures value-added services to your mobile operations.

Our experts had capable of handling android development tools to explore infinite product development possibilities and also they were skilled in handling the mobile application development.

Our experts are dedicatedly impressed in developing scalable android mobile applications,modifyingsoftwares to distinct mobile platforms

IOS Android Applications

Caramel IT Services providessuperiority in mobile application development services on the ground of clients special project needs. With successful delivery of projects, we became acommendable web and app development company by delivering incredible services.

The work experience of our professional programmers with latest technologies to render distinct mobile app development services for different client- base makes us proficient and ever-demanding in industry.

Windows Applications

Microsoft Windows services enables you to create long-run executable applications that run in their own windows sessions. It can be run with a specific user account which it should be logged in.

User can create a service as Microsoft Visual Studio project, defining code within it which controls what commands can be sent to the service and what are the actions should be taken when those commands are received.

The commands are start, resume, pause, and stop the service. These custom commands can be executed.

Facebook Applications

Ecommerce on Facebook should be as simple as a click of your mouse. Shopify introduced the Facebook store. Shopify’s Facebook for business pages turns into ecommerce platform. Here the products can be displayed, promoted and it can be sold through Facebook.

These business apps were designed to address issues such as marketing campaigns, online collaboration, media feeds, and analytics and business networking.

Facebook continues towards a goal of 1 billion users, it is also called as business- friendly application.

Phone-Gap Applications

An application was built by using Jquery and PhoneGap. It can play or download the source code to build different mobile platforms. Caramel IT Services proved with high level of commitment and excellence displayed by PhoneGap developers which result in easy and simple way of useful mobile web apps.

PhoneGap is open source development framework enables web developers to build cross platform mobile applications using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

PHP Applications

PHP is a general purpose script language that is specificallysuitable to server-side web development usually runs on a web server. Caramel IT services have a team of proficient PHP developers of vast experience and in-depth knowledge of various PHP frameworks and others tools and technologies which helps them to build more functional and user-friendly web applications.

PHP offered excellent frameworks like ZendPHP, CakePHP etc. It can be used in combination with several web template systems, Web Content Management System (CMS) and web frameworks. The web server combines the results of the interpreted and implemented PHP code, which may be any type of data includes images will be generated through web page.

PHP code may also be executed with a Command Line Interface (CLI) and can be used to implement in standalone graphical applications.

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